Thursday, 3 May 2018

Tea light candle box

I had a play with the
and made these cute little boxes, which  I am happy to say,
hold 4 little tea light candles!
Happy accident or what!!

Items used:

I was so happy with myself that I made a tutorial for you all on You Tube

The measurements you will need are:
2 pieces of double sided paper 5''x 5'' and 4 7/8''x 4 7/8''
Score on all four sides at 1''
Cut 4 circles 3'' in diamenter, 2 in each colour
Score them at 1 1/2''  and 2 1/4''
If your paper is not thick you may want to add a liner between the boxes
measuring 2 3/4'' square (scrap card will do)

Hope you enjoy it and maybe have a go!
Thanks for dropping by.

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