Saturday, 30 June 2018

Exciting news for July!

I am super excited to let you in on a big surprise for JULY!
Are you thinking about joining Stampin' Up!
Well there is no better time than July!
I just got back from a wee break away to find out about this brilliant news!

Our joining offer is pretty amazing as it is, exactly what I joined up to - 
spend £99 and choose ANY products that you want up to a value of £130 and get free shipping!
That's a saving of £4.95 with an extra £31 of product FREE!

Just for the month of July, you can now choose any of our 4 Core Colour Collections
or the 2 In Colour Collections for FREE!
I know, I did say FREE!
That's giving you £63 worth of FREE ink pads!
You need ink pads if you stamp, it's a no brainer!!
But just look at the gorgeous colours you can get!!

So are you ready to pick your STARTER KIT?
Need a little help!
It took me ages to pick mine and I am an experienced crafter.
If you are a complete beginner you might feel a bit pressured so here are a few ideas for you.
But remember, the choice is yours!!

So remember, this offer starts on July 1st.
It's only available during July.
Please don't miss out. If you were sitting on the fence this will surely push you over lol.
I  love getting super gorgeous craft products with 20% savings (soon to be 25%), I have loved my time with Stampin' Up! so far,
 and I am definitely looking forward to the years ahead!
Come join me!!
 Click the link below on the 1st July and get in there first!

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